The immediate Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi said on Tuesday during an exclusive interview that what he did in the state within his eight years in office surpassed that of other past governors.

Ajimobi said he outperformed other past governors in the state in terms of infrastructural development and service delivery.

AJIMOBI who made the submissions during a live radio programme in Ibadan, adding that the legacies of his administration would remain unbeatable for many years in the history of the state as he made unprecedented achievements in areas of road construction, education, health delivery, peace and security.

In his words, “Our administration’s strides were great. We made remarkable achievements in all ramifications in eight years.

“The present administration promised to do many things, so we will be watching what they will do. However, we can only hope they do well as we are all concerned about the development of the state.”

The former governor also noted that the current peace and security being enjoyed by residents of the state was a result of efforts and policies put in place during his stay in office.

“I make bold to say that if peace is the only achievement people will remember this administration for, I am happy for it,” he said.

However, in a swift reaction to submissions by the ex-governor, the state Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Akeem Olatunji, rubbished claims by Ajimobi.

“His true personality is not about what he says about himself but about what the people of Oyo State say about him.

“Can Ajimobi walk the streets freely in Oyo State today to demonstrate his popularity? The answer is no. This is a former governor who enforced caretaker committee chairmen on local government councils in Oyo State for seven years in his eight years in government,” Olatunji said.


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