Burna Boy Reave Why He won’t have a child with Stefflon Don soon


Burna Boy has explained why he won’t be settling down or having a child with UK-born Jamaican artist, Stefflon Don soon. In a recent chat with fans on Twitter, Burna Boy revealed some untold details on his career as well as his girlfriend of 15 months.

Reward for hard work?

I feel like working 1000000000000 times harder

First performance

Calabar carnival 2010

Growing up

It was beautiful and it was hell at the same time but it showed me all the lessons I needed to learn to face the world.

Maintaining focus

I stay militant. They turned me into this rebel militant I am today. And I’m glad they did.

Music, Fela, and motivation

I started in 2010; I was motivated by my talent, passion, family, Africa, and Fela. Twitter does not have enough space for me to talk about the challenges. Just know that the challenges don’t stop when you are on top, they get worse.

Made money off social media

Lol. No. I’ve never gotten a dime from social media o. If there was money in social media for me, I’ll live and die on social media. But no money for here.

Talent doubt

Yes. A few times actually but my mindset has always been “I’d Rather Die than ever bend or Fold”

Fame and freebies

I believe that free things always come back to bite you in the ass. So I don’t like free stuff


My Sister Ronami Ogulu she’s the best stylist in the world.

Mum as manager

My mum is my manager because she is the only person qualified to talk to me and she is the only living human being that I truly 100% trust.

Most challenging collaboration so far?

Most challenging was Angelique Kidjo because I looked for her since 2011 and only got to work with her in 2019.

On Sampling other musicians songs

All the greatest in the world have sampled things they love. And realistically I do it the least compared to them. I challenge you or anyone to prove I’m not who I say I am.

Losing Grammys

Sick. Totally Sick. But my musical mother, Angelique Kidjo told me everything I needed to understand about the Grammys. So now I’m “Twice as Tall” (that’s the name of my next album by the way dropping in July by the grace of the Most High)

Grammy loss reaction

If you do not speak your truth, the lies will become your truth

On marrying Stefflon Don, who was described as being beautiful inside out

She really and truly is. People have no idea what a queen I got.

Favourite thing about being Burna Boy

My Family, my girlfriend, and Gang.

On raising a family

I just want to be as good a parent to my children as my parents were and still are to me and my sisters. Until I’m confident that I can be stable and settle with the mother of my kids I can’t have no kids

Have you gotten the Artist for #Odogwu remix

I want Phyno, Zoro, Illbliss and Nigga RAW.


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