Ebola in Liberia: Woman dies months after epidemic declared over

A woman in Liberia has died of Ebola, months after the epidemic was declared over in the country, health officials say.
Bag with body of Ebola victim

The 30-year-old woman passed away in a hospital in a densely-populated area of the capital, Monrovia.
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Liberia was free of Ebola in January, but there have been small flare-ups of the disease in the region.
In neighbouring Guinea, several cases have been identified in recent weeks.
More than 11,300 people died over the past two years in the world’s worst Ebola epidemic, almost all of them in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.
The infected woman was brought to a clinic in Paynesville, just east of Monrovia, after falling ill, officials said. She was later transferred to a hospital in the capital, but died on Thursday.


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