PRESS RELEASENigeria has continually shown us that we are in a sick nation, that, our beloved country is placed on a live support machine, and, that, if urgent action is not taken; the Nigerian state may collapse into irreversible crisis, such that may result into an unprecedented humanitarian crisis of a global dimension. On a daily basis, citizens are been sacrificed as human lives no longer matter in Nigeria. The people are being butchered on a daily basis and, most unfortunately, our government has continued to prove to us that they are absent or, rather, that they are overwhelmed with the crisis confronting the Nigeria of today despite the fact that they swore an oath to protect the lives and properties of the citizens.Today, if we are to go by the definition of a failed State which is one in which the government is no more in control, then, it is not out of place to conclude that ours is a failed State. Under a government whose primary responsibility is to protect the lives and properties of the citizens, kidnappings is going on on a large scale and, our best and brightest people are being killed on a daily basis with the government making no effort to guarantee the safety of the citizens, to the extent that the Defence Minister had to admit that the Government can no longer secure the people, and, that, the people should secure themselves. Indeed, we are in a rudderless ship in the middle of a seastorm.Under this same government, schoolchildren were kidnapped at Dapchi in February 2018. As if that was not enough, we had the Kankara’s schoolchildren mass abduction in December 2020, and, then, the Kagara’s abduction in February 2021 and, to the latest Jangebe abduction in same February. What these connotes is that, Nigeria is without leadership which is why, the Nigerian people must unite and demand for the sack of the President and his Service Chiefs by passing a vote of no confidence in them.One would have expected the Buhari’s government to intensify efforts to get a grip on security and, to also restore trust in key governmental institutions, but, the President will continue to prove to the larger populace that he is incapable. This, is enough for the Representatives of the people to push for the impeachment of the President so far he has proven to be incapable of handling the multidimensional crisis we are facing as a people.Security is not the only area where the State has failed. Nigeria has more poor people (defined as those living on less than $1.90 a day) than any other country, including India. Today, one of every five children in the world out-of-school lives in Nigeria, many of them girls. In all aspects of society, our country has done badly. Today, our national currency is daily being devalued by our rulers, and, most Nigerians have lost hope and are only waiting for the worst to come. The question has always been; how long can we continue to live in the face of uncertainty? How many more generations shall we waste before we get it right?It is becoming more and more obvious that we cannot continue to tolerate the ordeals being faced by our people. We the Nigerian Workers and Students therefore reject the daily worsening living condition of the Nigerian people. We reject the daily massacre of Nigerians and the general insecurity in the land. We reject, in the strongest terms, the hardship being faced by the Nigerian people.We are saying enough is enough, and, we will no longer sit-back and allow the mindless killings of Nigerians anywhere and in any manner whatsoever be sustained. We shall not sit-back again and allow the daily kidnapping, terrorism and wanton killings Nationwide without showing displeasure, not just through writings but through protest which is also a form of expression.It is based on the foregoing, we, the Nigerian Workers and Students call on all Nigerians to prepare for a day of national protest against insecurity and massive poverty in the land which we shall communicate to the general public sooner than later. We call specially on students to mobilise like never before and participate in this clarion call to duty. We owe it a duty to rescue Nigeria from further sinking into the abyss.Together, we say NO to Fuel Price Hike.
Together, we say NO to Killings.
Together, we say NO to Bad Governance.
#No2BadGovernance.Together, we shall overcome


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