REVEAL:•How the master mind planner of the kidnapping of Akewugbagold children left Oriyomi Hamzat…


Ibadan-based broadcaster, Oriyomi Hamzat, has revealed how the mastermind of the kidnap of Akeugbagold Twins, Ibrahim Oyeleye, left him for Alhaji Taofeeq Akewugbagold when he had problems.Hamzat, who took to his Facebook account to react to the arrest and parade of Oyeleye by the Oyo State command of the Nigeria Police Force.NATURAL JUSTICEI picked you up from JSS3, I wasted a lot of money to sponsor you abroad but it was not successful. Ope, remember I later resulted in picking the option of tertiary institutions here and successfully you find yourself at the university of Ibadan.You know how much I love you.You are in charge of so many things that belong to Oriyomi Hamzat, you are the closest person to me, you eat whatever I eat and you drink from the same cup with me, you have my password with you and I keep telling you to calm down,remember I always preach patience,perseverance and tolerance have you forgot I always tell you not to chase money but work hard to give your family enviable good name,Ope why? Why? Why?I sent you to Akeugbagold at fresh fm to assist him on social media,it was not long when I had issue with the state then,you perfected your own way with Akeugbagold and you leave me and some boys with my predicament,you change from Oriyomi boy to Akeugbagold boy,you stabbed me at back then, but I never wish you bad.

Today you dragged the name of your family in the mud,you gave your gentle father another name.Ope when that woman,the twins mother was crying and you are doing the video,how do you feel?And you know about it,when you piloted me to Akeugbagold private room I was surprised of the closeness. Do you still have conscience at all? I doubt it.I wonder how you will get out of psychological trauma you put yourself.You can’t raised a pig in a mansion.


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