Presidential aspirant Lawyer Eunice Atuejide has shared she believes the country is ready for a female president and Nigeria can get fixed within 4 years.

Eunice said this in an interview with Punch where she discussed what she said has been always been her ambition since she was a child: to be the Nigerian president.

She always told her mum that, she said:

I’ve always wanted to be the President of Nigeria. That is the ambition I have always had, even as a seven-year-old child. I have always told my mum, my husband and my children that I want to be President.

So, starting at the level I did was because, over the years, I have developed myself for that office and I have a very good chance of winning it. I didn’t develop myself to contest a lower position. It will be unfair to me, my character and my true self to start from somewhere beneath the presidency just because of what people would say. And now that the opportunity has come, it will be unwise to go for anything less.

She has a 32-point agenda to fix the country, she said, with focus on education, security, health and economy.

We will focus on the economy so we can have jobs. In terms of power, we will make efforts to review those policies that make it difficult for Nigerians to enjoy power. We will make it possible for any company that has the capacity to combine generation, transmission and distribution to do so.

In terms of education, we are looking at sanitising our higher institutions and we are looking at improving our vocational education system so that people who don’t want to go to school as academia, especially those who do not have the capacity to go, have a place designed for them, instead of bringing down cut-off mark.

She shouldn’t be voted solely because she’s a woman, she said, but because she has the capacity to rule the country.

I don’t think women should come and try because the men have failed. I do not believe it’s about the gender and there is no need giving a try to see whether they would succeed or not. I believe in merit, ability, honesty and commitment.

So, it’s not because I’m a woman that people should vote for me, but because I have the capacity to lead this country. The critical questions should be that, does this person know what he or she is doing; does the process this person plans to take us through look feasible? If the answer is yes, it’s okay; but not because I’m a woman.

Nigerians are ready for female president, she added, because everyone is looking for someone who can “get the job done.”

I believe Nigerians are ready for a female president and I think people are just interested in anyone that would get the job done and move the country forward. The suffering is too much and Nigerians would go for anyone that can reduce the suffering.


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