The state controversial medical and investigative journalist, Dr. Kemi Omololu Olunlonyo posted a video on YouTube where she boasted of winning present Governor of Oyo state, Egnr Seyi Makinde if she contest against him come 2023.

Although, the broadcast was meant to educate the general public about the coronavirus pandemic in the country and in the world.

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In the video, Kemi Olunloyo who is daughter to former governor of the state, Omololu Olunloyo spoke at length about how some Nigerians who don’t even know her, perceive her as ‘one mad crazy woman’ because their friends told them so.

She said this is a reason she feels Nigeria itself has been wrink, as people do not find out things about others, but they listen to what other people say to them and then they make perceptions up, of who they are.

She also brought up the issue of Oyo state and about how people are abusing her.

In the video, she said: ” Oyo state is in a pandemic mode now, and i see people abusing me. Telling me Seyi is the best governor you have, Seyi may have been a good governor starting up but with this pandemic, I’m not saying he’s a bad governor, he’s really handling it very poorly.

I feel like, when Seyi contracted the virus and recovered, he shouldn’t have been at the top of that task force.

He should have appointed somebody at the top of the task force, and preferably a medical doctor. That’s where UCH is, somebody could have been there. Even though UCH’s medical director also contracted it, there has to be one doctor in that whole Ibadan. Okay, if Seyi had put me at the top of the task force, i wouldn’t have taken it. It belongs to a medical doctor who has a lot of experience in microbiology. Did you know that ? But he still made himself the head of the task force. “

She went on and on, talking about how Africa would soon experience the full force of the virus like the USA, Italy, and Brazil, alleging that South Africa’s health care system has already collapsed as it holds the record for the most coronavirus cases in the continent.

It was towards the end of the video, that she made a bold statement to those people who sit at home and just abuse her that she could become the next governor of Oyo state if she decides to run in 2023.

” Some of you sitting down there and abusing me, do you know that if i run in 2023, against Seyi Makinde for governor of Oyo state, I’ll probably win. You know why, because I’m popular, and what would win me that governorship seat is the popular vote. And then I’m a woman, almost every woman would vote for me, and then I’d probably be the first female governor in Nigeria ‘elected’. “


  1. She’s totally mad, who is this one, you said you are popular! indeed i can rate you as 0.5% but can you witstand that of seyi of 100% mad woman (obirin abeyi to lasan lasan)


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