22 new cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in Lagos, Abuja, Edo and Bauchi by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC)

A tweet was made saying:-

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As at 09:00pm on April 8, there are 276 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria. 44 patients have been discharged, and 6 deaths have been recorded.

Here is a breakdown of cases across states in the country; Lagos- 145, FCT- 54, Osun- 20, Oyo- 11, Edo- 12, Bauchi- 8, Akwa Ibom- 5, Kaduna- 5, Ogun- 4, Enugu- 2, Ekiti- 2, Rivers-2, Benue- 1, Ondo- 1, Kwara- 2, Delta- 1, Katsina-1.

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