In an Exclusive interview with the Student Union Government President of The University of Ibadan, Com. Akeju Olusegun he said.

“Richard was jovial and calm according to his course-mates” According to the report, The Student Union visited the venue of the incident but on getting there, they were denied access into the company premises meanwhile the daily routine of the company was going on. After knocking the gate for about 20 minutes, the gate was opened for them. They gained access into the premises and a meeting was held between the company and the Student Union representatives where the issue of neglecting and not visiting the victim parents were addressed. The Company noted that they were also planning to visit the victim’s family later that day.

The safety measures provided by the company for their staffs were addressed and they discussed how the parents of the victim would be helped and they assured the SUG representatives that they would do a lot of things to assist them. After the discussion, four members of the company (A Security Manager, A Legal Representative, and two other staffs) alongside the Student Union representatives visited the family of the deceased.

When they got to the deceased house, the parents and relatives were angry and furious which led to questioning of the representatives of the company but no answer was provided. The Father of the deceased debunked the rumor concerning meeting the board of directors after the accident, and clarified that his son’s body was released to him around 2:00pm on the day of the incident.

The SUG President denied seeing the pictures of the victim after death and noted that investigation is going on to reveal all hidden facts about the incident.
He said ” We will make sure that we monitor the company on fulfilling their promises to the deceased family and also pressurised the Nigeria Police so as to get the hidden and real fact about the death of the victim”

According to Com. Akeju Olusegun, various Non Governmental Organizations {NGOs} have spoken to the deceased family and also justice for Richard has been preached all over the various social media platforms..


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