The Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly and one-time running mate of president Buhari, Dr. Tunde Bakare, has criticized religious leaders who are not taking advantage of their visits to the presidential Villa to convey the true feelings of Nigerians.

The pastor insisted that Nigerians must always speak the truth to power and do away with what he termed a culture of Hypocrisy.

He made this statement on Sunday, October 21, 2018, while speaking at the thanksgiving service to mark the 16 anniversary of Foursquare Gospel Church Asokoro, Abuja.

Pastor Bakare observed that some politicians have rendered themselves gods due to the level of authority they have, forgetting that “God brought them there and he has a way of removing them,”.

He stated that “There is so much corruption in this country. But show me a country in the world which has no corruption.

What is the solution? We are the answer to the dilemma of Nigeria but we keep playing church. We are the reason Nigeria is the way it is.

You and I are responsible,”

Pastor Bakare made reference to Genesis 6:12 and Phil 4:10 – 14 and 18 to describe the problem of corruption. He also insisted that the solution should be people-driven.

“When Samuel (in the Bible) entered the city, the king trembled but when some pastors visit Aso Villa, they are the ones shaking. All they want is photo opportunity (with the President),” he said.

He added that the country is experiencing internal hostility due to superiority some certain individual show to the rest of the people.


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