It is December and we are sure you all are excited as we are. But alongside the excitement of the festive period, comes the fear of how best to manage one’s skin.

While other parts of the world are suffering from the winter cold, some African countries like Nigeria and others are suffering from the Harmattan season.

This season brings dry and dusty winds that come from the Sahara and make its way through the continent over the Gulf of Guinea. During this time humidity levels drop significantly lower and the air is much cooler.

Below are some tips to ensure you maintain healthy skin during harmattan.

1. Cleanse Daily

Washing your face may seem like basic knowledge, but there are people who go to sleep without doing it. You should wash every morning and never go to bed without continuing your daily skin regimen, which includes cleansing and moisturizing.

Washing your face with a mild soap gets rid of the heavy layer of grime on your face that has settled in your pores throughout the day. Also, avoid harsh soaps with detergents in them because they will only strip natural oils and make your face drier.

2. Water

The air is dry as the humidity level has dropped drastically and if you must escape the harshness of the dry weather, you must stay hydrated; it’s the best way to still keep that healthy glow.

Make sure you drink more water and take a cold or lukewarm bath as often as possible; try as much to stay away from hot baths, they strip your skin of oils and you don’t want to dry out your skin.

You also want to take lots of fruits and veggies that have a robust deposit of water like cucumber and watermelon.

3. Exfoliate

Many of us tend to ditch our scrubs during the harmattan but have you ever wondered how the much-needed moisture will get into your skin with those dead skin cells in the way? One way to scrub and not dry your skin out is to make a DIY sugar and honey scrub.

You can also make use of any other scrub that is not too harsh.

4. Moisturize

It is super important to moisturize your skin and lip. You don’t want to go around with your skin so dry and unnatural.

Concentrate on using moisturizers that are rich in natural butters and oils. Here’s how to make sure you get the best out of your moisturizers during the harmattan; make sure you moisturize immediately after your shower when your body is still very wet so you can trap the moisture (water).

Also, ensure to always keep hand cream in your purse just in case a stubborn part of your skin gets easily affected by the harsh weather.

5. Pay attention to your clothes

You also need to be careful about the fabrics you wear. If at all you want to layer, please keep the softer fabrics near your skin so your skin can still breathe. Do not pile up different fabrics in a bid to chase cold. This would only make your skin suffer.

6. Eat Healthy Fats

How To Care For The Skin During Harmattan

Not all types of fat are bad for you. There are healthy fats you can consume without the fear of excess cholesterol and also can be heart-healthy. Healthy fats give you energy. You can get healthy fat from polyunsaturated fats such as nuts, seeds, vegetable oils such as corn and safflower oil, and fatty fish. Avocados are also a great source of healthy fats.

7. Remember Your Hands and Lips

Your hands and lips are the most vulnerable areas of your body during the harmattan season. As a result, you need to take extra care of these areas as we tend to wipe out the moisture from them very frequently, like when we eat or visit the bathroom. Make sure that you have your lip balm and your hand lotion handy.


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