The breasts tend to be ignored once the action in the bedroom moves from the foreplay stage to the main game.

The breasts and nipples should be given more attention. This is because your breasts and nipples are some of the most sensitive parts of your body.

When touched and teased the right way, your boobs can help you enjoy sex better and arousing your body for more raging orgasms. Below are ways to get more pleasure from your boobs.

1. Try new sensations

When you’re excited, the sensitivity of your breasts increases. In fact, when your nipples are sexually stimulated, those sensations move to the same areas of the brain that respond to genital stimulation. This triggers the release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone released when you have an orgasm. So, before you play around with different touches and strokes, first tune in to your senses. What smells, sounds, sights, touches, and tastes turn you on. And how can you include those things into your sex life. From nipple clamps, warm body oil to ice cubes, circular motions to flicking, there are lots of things to explore to see if they bring you ultimate

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2. Play with toys

Sex toys aren’t meant just for your vagina and clitoris. Your body is full of erogenous zones that often get short shrift after foreplay—and toys can help stimulate those areas. You can also use a vibrator or small massager to stimulate other parts of your breast.

3. Trying new positions

Have sex in a position that makes it impossible to ignore them. Most positions where you’re on top give you and your partner access to your nipples. So, don’t be afraid to grab them yourself and give them a gentle or rough pull and squeeze. If you want your partner to play, kiss, lick, suck, or bite your breasts during sex, try the cowgirl position, straddling your partner when they’re sitting upright, or putting your nipple straight in their mouth.


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