Here is yet another story of SARS officers brutality, and a bus driver and conductor were victims of this latest attack.

According to #EndSARS campaign chief @Segalink, the incident occurred by 10pm yesterday in Ikeja when the SARS officers were harassing the bus driver and conductor. His tweets reads;

For those seeking how to contribute to #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG given that people die daily from the impunity of the Armed Robbers and Kidnappers issued Guns by the state to run amok. Please report @YomiShogunle’s handle today for being Hateful & Abusive. #PowerBelongs2U

At about 10pm yesterday, a commercial bus stopped somewhere in Ikeja as alleged and the driver and conductor were confused on what to do to clear off the road. SARS officers showed up as usual and started harassing them. The driver pleaded but was shot in the head at point range.

This happened at the computer village in Ikeja as reported yesterday night. Yet this unconscionable man dare mock us for holding them accountable?

U’re advised not to engage this corrupt officer occupying a sensitive position in any way. Be a better citizen & report the account. His insensitivity is affecting many bereaved families & this goes to show how corrupt the system is keeping him there. #WorstPoliceInTheWorld

The media is a wash with the activities of their brigandage yet he mocks the bereaved and victims of police brutality and impunity? Please use your power people. Save Lives. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG

Just ask yourself this: How would a parent who found his only son being pulled out of the well covered in Maggots react to Yomi Shogunle’s daily dose of demonic insensitivity? How would the family of Angela Igwetu feel seeing his attempts at cover up? #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG


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