This is What They Found In One Senator’s House After Some Youths Looted His House That Make People Talking

A video has quite recently surfaced

demonstrating the moment some youths

attacked Senator Teslim Folarin’s living

house and trucked away some brand

new motorbikes.

News and recordings of looters trucking ceaselessly food stuffs, electronic gadgets.

The ongoing upsetting video shows the moment some youths broke into Senator Teslim Folarin of APC (All Progressive Congress) who is representing to Oyo State.

The man recording the video could be heard saying, ‘Individuals are looting and running away with brand new motorbikes.’

Below are some looters carting away with brand new motorbikes

The motorbikes are noticeably of Bajaj Brands.

The inquiry people are posing is the reason and for what are these motorbikes found in the Senator’s home.

What and to whom are the motorbikes intended to be given?

Some Nigerians propose that the motorbikes are important for the regular infrastructure to control joblessness.


The senator is one of the member from the ruling party APC who hails and represent Ibadan in Oyo State.

Some Nigerians have been asking how do those looters get that there is something like that in that area?

For what reason aren’t there security to protect the properties?

Watch the Video:

Rundown of states where comparable episodes have occurred include:

Lagos State

Ekiti State

Kwara State

Oyo State

Osun State

In the interim, a portion of the lost things, generally electronic gadgets, have been recouped in Lagos State. The police followed and got the thieves into a level.

See the things recuperated:

Do you think this isn’t right? What might be done to the raiders?

Drop your remarks and offer to other people.


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