Mr Ibitoye Olajide MICHEAL A 28 year old graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, who is also a Plant Biologists
by profession, but talent push him to create something extra ordinary in the country, by discover himself and made him create A macro car

In a recent interview with him, while speaking with our correspondence on how he started the project
Ibitoye made it clear to us that he was once a Plaint scientists by profession while he also further more that he his is a young investor and as a result of his habit to invest, he decided to venture into automobile.

Mr olajide said that he started the project 2017 after he graduated as a Plant Biologists, Although his father is an auto mobile mechanic and this give him the opportunity to always follow him to his workshop,even though it was a force then.

“I tried to study mechanical engineer at school but all my effort was to no avail as I was not given the course of my choice two different years but since I have it in my mind to build my first car myself,I started working towards it during my national youth service corps when I build a fuel less generator, then when I graduated I started a new plan to build a car,Mr Olajide reveal”


Mr. Olajide who use the opportunity to highlighted some challenges he faced when he started the project, like money issue, lot of insult from colleagues,and lot of disappointment

Olajide also made it clear that car is not the only project he as made, such as Bike, a Fuel-less Generator, and some interior decorations made with metals, and also some little machines using batteries. Although most of his previous machines he produced are in his room where he made as a workshop.

He reveal it to ELIOLOADED that the difference between the car he made and the normal car been used is that the car he made has “two ax-wheel while the normal car has only an ax-wheel, he confirmed that the reason behind using two ax-wheel is just because of the bad roads in our society.

In conclusion Mr. Olajide proposed himself to be a very great teacher and an investor in the path he choose, and teaching people on how they can use what they have (knowledge) to get what they want!! and he also Advised the citizen to be able to achieve good things at a very lesser price.

He advised the youth on having courage and mindset to be able to explore more exceptional things in the newest technology and computer age that we are now



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