Popular traditional priest know as HRM Augustine Bola Adegunloye, come to Public to advised the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola hammed Tinubu  {JAGABAN}, not to pursue his presidential ambition in 2023.

Adegunloye who is also known as Egbeji Ologun, reveal that he advised MKO Abiola not to contest in 1993 but he defied his warning. the priest explain further that  the former Governor of Lagos State should learn from late Abiola in order not to share his fate by ending up in prison and getting killed.

Adegunloye gave this warning in a viral video while reacting to the presidential ambition of the APC National leader. TINUBU

“Tinubu, if care is not taken is going to end up in a prison yard. You know those who used to go to him, they are eating his money. He said he is Jagaban. He’s Jagaban of Hausaland. Those who are taking care of goats and cows. He’s their Jagaban. Who is Jagaban? So, he has to rethink and make up his full steps so that he cannot sleep and die,” Adegunloye said.

He  REVEAL by recounted how the late ABIOLA mocked him, when he told him not to contest saying he was hungry and gave him N25,000.

“Because, this is how I told (MKO) Abiola. This is how I told him. I went to Abiola’s office personally that morning. Baba, God has done great things for you. You have money, you have everything. Why do you want to become a Head of State? He said don’t worry. When all these Babalawo are hungry, that’s how they are going out about. He gave me N25,000.

“I said, ‘Baba I thank you very much. God will be with you’. How does he end? He did not end well. He died. So, that’s what is going to happen to Tinubu now. If Tinubu doesn’t take care, he will die like a goat,” Adegunloye added.


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