There is no doubt that the fight between Plantashun Boiz namely Ahmedu Augustine as Blackface, Chibuzor Oji (Faze) and Innocent Idibia (Tuface) may possibly take another form as Ahmedu Augustine (Blackface) who has been in a legal battle with Innocent Idibia (Tuface) over copyrights related issues has recently dropped another bombshell; a 43-minute phone conversation he had with Chibuzor Oji (Faze).

ELIOLOADED learnt that Innocent Idibia (Tuface) and Chibuzor Oji (Faze) allegedly performed Plantashun Boiz songs which have the contributions of Ahmedu Augustine (Blackface) in one of Innocent Idibia (Tuface) shows and Augustine (Blackface) seems not be happy about it.

Ahmedu Augustine (Blackface) took to his social media platforms to express his displeasure on Plantashun Boiz songs other bandmates played which he described as a conspiracy theory targeted to bring him (Blackface) down. Augustine (Blackface) condemned both bandmates for performing on stage without rehearsals and how they made his hardwork look poor.

Ahmedu Augustine (Blackface) lamented that there is a conspiracy theory planned a very long time ago by some people to ruin his careers and he felt so troubled that Chibuzor Oji (Faze) could go and perform Plantashun Boiz with Innocent Idibia (Tuface) despite the conversation they had.

Ahmedu Augustine (Blackface) went ahead to release the audio file of the conversation he had with Chibuzor Oji (Faze) to prove that truly there’s always been a conspiracy theory.

In the 43-minute phone call conversation, Ahmedu Augustine (Blackface) and Chibuzor Oji (Faze) could be heard talking about Plantashun Boiz, Innocent Idibia (2face) and other issues affecting the band.

Chibuzor Oji (faze) could be heard calling for settlement of rifts between the other two bandmates while Ahmedu Augustine (Blackface) accused Innocent Idibia (Tuface) that he does not want the Plantashun Boiz go forward which is the main reason he has been causing rifts by saying that the band will perform better without Blackface.

Blackface said that proper documentation, organisation and change of mode of operandi of the band would make the band go higher and becomes better. He said, “if Tuface does not want to be part of the band, he can go because he does not want the name of the Plantashun Boiz to move from point A to point B.

He told Chibuzor Oji (Faze) that Tuface was angry because blackface and faze went to South Africa. He does not want the progress of the group and that is why he is trying to kill the band through his videos, photos and book he wrote.

Ahemdu Augustine revealed that he gave Tuface the blueprints and ideas of the Plantashun Boiz. It is my creation and initiative. I am the creator and founder of the Plantashun Boiz, he disclosed.

Tuface’s manager (Efe Omoregbe) once called me that he wants me to come and play along with Tuface without you (Faze) which I rejected because he does not want the group to grow.

According to Ahmedu Augustine (Blackface), he revealed that “he paid for the first demo of the group in Enugu while Tuface was just a singer under the band. I invited you (Faze) to join the band and also gave you what you would do as a member of the band.

“Now Tuface felt that he does not want to be in the band anymore when we decided to take it to the next level; he decided that he wants to go solo and he went solo and you (Faze) also went solo.

Listen to the leaked audio conversation of Ahmedu Augustine (Blackface) and Chibuzor Oji (Faze) to know more about the conspiracy theory.


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